Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  • So, I thought I'd do a throwback on this old blog of mine just for fun. Sort of interested if anyone actually reads this thing anymore. I might start blogging here now and again for fun. maybe. maybe not. depends on my mood. and the day. and who am I kidding? I probably won't so don't expect it. Was that last sentence for me or you? hmmm. things that make you go hmmmm. Remember that song. yeah. awesome.
  • so far this random is less than stellar.
  • why is it snowing on May 17th? I mean really. it's unnecessary. we already have a bit of a flood issue going on here, and I feel like the weather Gods are ignoring my constant bantering about how great the sun is. cause, lets me honest. it is. all warm and glowy and stuff.
  • so many things to random blog about. but where to actually start, now that I've got the perfunctory weather post out of the way?
  • how about we begin with the fact that school is out in less than 3 weeks. My sister said less than 14 actual school days. Is this making anyone else hyperventilate? And not in a good way? Like in a what-on-earth-am-i-going-to-do-all-day-with-thing1 type of way? Yikes. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but lets be honest here people, sometimes they are annoying.
  • So I started a good-behavior money thing in our house to combat the annoying-ness. Basically I award non-annoying children mom bucks for good behavior. And it has been going great, except I didn't know that both of my children got my husbands saving/cheap/hoard-money gene. They both have about ten thousand mom bucks, and I just want them to cash them in already cause I'm running low on my monopoly money. And it's not like I have lame things to cash them in for people. Good things. like late-ups, happy meals, red box movies, tv shows, extra books at bed, a candy bin and all sorts of other things I hope to bribe good behavior out of them with. Only I didn't really count on them being cheapskates. Maybe if I had commercials for stuff mom-bucks could buy on nick jr. Then they would be all over it. About daily I hear about stuff seen on a commercial that I just can not live without.
  • really bummed zev & justin didn't win amazing race. also sorta bummed Boston Rob finally won survivor. I mean really. you should win after playing it 4 times. Congrats for beating a bunch of stupid rookies. P.S. nothing makes me madder in survivor than idiots who play for 2nd place.
  • sorta not-so-sad to know that Thing 1's baseball is almost over. I think we've won maybe like 2 games. I had no idea that Little League was such a big deal. The 3 and 4 games a week was enough to do me in. Love watching him play, when he's not making sand castles out at 2nd base that is. He is a great little hitter, just not sure this is his sport. I forget how much standing around there is in baseball. Thinking soccer might be a better match.
  • weeded the entire backyard last Saturday. It looks so nice. Wish i could be motivated to put the petunias in the window boxes. Sometimes I think i missed my calling on earth as a Sloth.
  • Is it just me, or does there seem to be a bit of a baby explosion as of late? 5 or 6 new babies in my ward this month, plus 2 of my close friends just had babies, and another two are preggers. Is it bad that every time I hear of another one arriving I just sorta cringe for the parents? Sleepless nights, zombie days, spit up shirts and poopy diapers. Fun, fun fun. Needless to say, I am enjoying Little Mister who will turn 1 in June. So happy those early days are behind us. Could not be more happy about this. Newborn till about 6 months just sorta sucked. But now that he is mobile, able to entertain himself, and express himself we are just happy as can be around here. Oh how I love children that grow up. One day they will be teenagers and I might ask if you will let me move in with you, but until then I will just enjoy them not being infants.
  • so we took the kids on our very first solo vacation (meaning no friends or other family tagged along), not to long ago. And what to say, well, hmmm. it was interesting. And we learned a lot. Mostly what not to do next time. like: don't bring a 9 month old who crawls all over the disgusting hotel floor and then sticks his hands right in his mouth. Also: splurge a little and get some nicer accommodations. Comfort inn did include a free breakfast, however it grossed me out and made me feel like an animal. Other things we learned: 4 or 5 days is plenty long. there will be no relaxing. ask for a room away from the pool. sea world is awesome. San Diego safari park is even more awesome. leave the kids at home. oh wait.
  • hubs and I got called as a Ma and Pa for pioneer trek this summer. We actually are both really excited, which is surprising considering that we will be pushing handcarts, wearing ridiculous clothing, and sleeping in separate tents on the ground. Did I mention we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary over trek? I always dreamed we would go somewhere exotic and amazing for our ten year, but I never imagined it would be church owned property in Idaho surrounded by 15 teenagers none of which will be wearing deodorant. awesome, right? Just know, that I have testimony. So strong that I will forgo an exotic week long vacation in Fiji. Not strong enough though to leave my toothbrush behind. It will be coming on that handcart people.
  • why is there a random cat in my backyard? Thing 2 just yelled. . ."Our pet cat is back!" So many things wrong with that sentence people. Back? Pet? CAT!?
  • One of the things I really, really, really love about our recent remodel is the new carpet. Our old carpet was the kind that didn't really show vacuum lines. I really like vacuum lines.
  • I hope you are watching Modern Family by now. If not, I just have one thing to say, What is wrong with you?!
  • Did anyone else add "Visit New Zeland" to your bucket list after watching the Biggest Loser eps where they went there? wow. Also, Rulon sucks.
  • Been thinking lately. Came across this, and having been muling it over the past few days. So, I ask you. "Bloggers, What is my thing?"
  • I've been trying to make a concerted effort (for a uber-scientific study I invented and am conducting) to get more sleep. For me, with Little Mister waking up each morning around 6, this means being in bed, with the lights off, by 10. Wow this has been an adjustment. Not sure what my findings are just yet, but wow. It's been hard. When did I turn into such a night owl?
  • Can't tell you how much I am enjoying the final season of Friday Night Lights. It is bitter sweet. I look forward and love them each so much, but it's also so sad knowing there will be no more. Am I the only one, when faced with a problem asks, "What Would Tammy Taylor Do?" Or WWTTD? Seriously, so helpful in all aspects of life. But really, no more Tim Riggins?
  • You know how some people think their dryer eats socks? I think my closet eats hangers.
  • Thing 2 is such a joy lately. I really lucked out with this one. Sure she is a little bossy and know-it-all-y (can't imagine who she got that from!), but her personality is just awesome. She loves to be good. Can be kept completely entertained with a coloring book and a few markers, and thoroughly enjoys being a big sister. She is growing up so much and it freaks me out. She is beautiful beyond words-- honestly -- (not just saying this cause I'm her mom. She looks nothing like me. ) and this scares me to death. I want her to know that she is more than her beauty. She is incredibly smart. And witty. And kind. But how to emphasize this in our looks-obsessed culture?
  • have I said lately just exactly how much I love pina colada sobe? Just one sip, and I am magically transported to the beaches of Hawaii. Vacation in that lovely 2 dollar bottle.

and there you have it. Lots of random crap. if you made it here, give your self a gold star and a big round of applause. You are awesome. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


  • Hi bloggers. Did you think I had died? Well, too bad. No such luck. I'm still here. Finally feel a little more like myself with each passing day which is nice. I feel like I have lots of stuff to blog about and am constantly thinking I should blog this or that, and then poof. No time. Baby eats it up, kids eat it up, and the Amazing Race also eats it up a bit too.
  • Speaking of The Amazing Race. How funny was that first episode with the watermelon in the face? Right in the kisser. Pretty much said that four billion times since. So hilarious. I was dying. I was shocked though that there wasn't more lasting damage to her face. Lucky girl. Also, is it just me, or does that show make anyone else anxious? I swear I need to put on an extra layer of deodorant before I watch.
  • So, I finally decided to get serious about losing this baby weight. So I signed up for Weight Watchers. Again. Only this time it's free. Yep, free. One of my previous times in which I gained seventy pounds and then lost seventy pounds I kept on going even after I met my goal and got lifetime status. Which I thought was totally useless. Until now. Lucky for me, since I'm nursing and a lifetime member, it's free. And not like sorta free if I pay for online or some crap like that. But really free. I just had to get a note from the doc stating I was solely nursing and they comped me for a year. I just hope it doesn't take that long to get all the weight off. Sure I could just follow the program at home by myself since I'm so well versed in the whole point stuff by now, but honestly there is just something for me about being accountable, and going and actually weighing in. I'm a lot more honest about what I eat. Plus it helps that I downloaded an app for my phone for .99 cents that lets me track my points. Total convenience. WW wanted to charge me like an extra $15 bucks a month to use their app to track points. Um, no thanks. Lucky for me there are all sorts of talented cheap people out there willing to rip other people off and make awesome helpful apps. Go them. Oh and I'm down 7 lbs., not including the 4o pounds I've already lost.
  • In addition to signing up for WW I started running. Then stopped. Oh how I hate running. Loathe it really. And if I'm being honest, every step I took of those marathons I ran I hated too. So, I got to thinking. What did I do as a kid to keep in shape? And mostly I just rode my bike and roller bladed and stuff. And then it hit me. Roller blades. Um, hell yes! So I got me a awesome jog stroller, picked out some sweet K2 blades, strapped on my helmet and went for a ride. And I loved it. Even though I look totally ridiculous with my blades, helmet, and stroller, I seriously get the best workout ever. I'm serious. Laugh if you want, but it's better even than running. Honestly. Must be something about having to balance on all those wheels, but I seriously sweat more when I blade than when I run. Maybe it's because I tend to slow down or walk when I get tired of running, and you can't slow down when you blade, or you'd fall over. But it kicks my ace, and has been helping in my weight loss. I've been blading every day at the park for about 2 weeks, and I'm loving it. Look like a total nerd, but loving it.
  • K, so have you heard about this show? Pretty sure it's one of the most amazing half hours of television out there. Yes, it's on MTV. Just ignore that fact. Go, watch it. Trust me, it's good TV. Something about the guys spirit that just gets me. I loved the autism ep. So good.
  • Since we are talking TV, are you watching Modern Family yet? So funny. So, so, so, funny. I'm also really loving Project runway this season. But really, when do I not love it? Go Mondo!
  • I'm not just a tv junkie. I like to also waste time reading as well. In fact, I just finished The Hunger Games series. Fan-double tastic. Loved the first, loved the second as much or more as the first (which I think is really rare for a trilogy), and was totally engrossed throughout and honestly read them all in about 4 days. I was the awesomest mom for those four days.
  • Might be addicted to Bit O' Honeys--which incidentally should really be called Lots O' corn syrup. But oh is it delicious honey flavored corn syrup.
  • Hating, hating fall this year. For some reason my allergies are out of control. Usually it is my favorite time of the year. Boo to you pollen.
  • Thing 1 is killing it in first grade. His Spanish is off the hook. He seriously can speak Spanish and it's only been a month. A few weeks ago, he translated the entire Go Dog Go book from English to Spanish. But he also has turned into a little hellion. Whoever said the two's were terrible, clearly hadn't yet hit the sixes.
  • Might also be addicted to Red Mango. For sure my favorite food as of late. Madagascar Vanilla and mini dark chocolate chips. Party in my mouth. Should buy stock in this company since I go there so much. Good for my belly, not good for my wallet.
  • Have been eyeing a few different boots for this winter. Nothing says Fall like a new pair of boots.
  • Was so excited to find that Costco carries my beloved bagel thins. Now that I'm on the points system these are a staple at my house. I love bagels but can't afford all the points. But these bad boys are only 1 point each. Put a little turkey (1pt) and some tomatoes (0 points) and some mustard and you've got a filling 2 point sandwich. Yum.
  • I'm loving all the smiles coming out of Thing 3 as of late. He is such a happy cute baby. And a total trooper always in the car picking up or dropping off his siblings, or at home being mauled by them. Love him. I think it's funny though that he is in 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing. He is 3 months. I have no idea his stats cause I don't go to the doc again until he is 4 months. I'll bet my left over baby belly he is off the charts.
  • Just got back from Bear Lake with the Hubrichs. Realized from here on out, vacations will no longer be relaxing now that we have 3 kids to tote along. Fun, yes. Relaxing, no.
  • Cut my hair. Well, bangs really, and it's been over a month and I still love them. So much. Thanks Em!
  • Got my new specks from Warby Parker. Love them. Went with the black Zaggs. Can't beat the price, and fit.
  • Blessed the baby. Hubs did great. But I'm pretty sure Bobby Sid stole the show. Best. Sacrament. Musical. Number. Ever.
  • Can't think of anything else to bore you with. Hope you are all having a fabulous allergy-free fall.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Do they have angry birds rehab? If so, I need a twelve step for this puppy. Best game to pass the nursing hours away hands down.

What is really awesome though, is when I will be stuck on a board for a few days, and finally I have to put it down for a bit so I don't go crazy. Then Thing 2 will pick up my phone, and (since we start the addictions early around here) pull up angry birds of course, and pass that board lickity split. Makes me feel awesome. A four year old can pass the board, but I can't. Sweet.

P.S. Thing 1 announced the crush is back on. And also that his life is terrible.

Friday, August 20, 2010


First, turn off the music to the left. So you can hear. You'll be glad you did.

Next, listen.

Saw this on design mom. She said she found it "melancholy and beautiful". I would say the same. Being alone, to some, is a challenge. Others, like myself, crave it.

For me, today, I wish it were mine.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, I know it's been a while since I've blogged. Sorry about that. Life has been somewhat hectic as you can imagine. Three is pretty much kicking my ass. Sorry mom, but it's true. So, I've had some requests for some nursery pics, and so since I'm all about making dreams come true, I've decided to be a champ and post some pics. Hope you enjoy.

So, I kicked off my nursery design with grey walls. That's all I knew i wanted for sure. They are greyish brown and probably one of my favorite things about the room. Then I decided on a granny smith green to go with it. After some seriously bad attempts at sewing crib sheets I just settled on this awesome green one (which matched perfectly!) from Ikea. Love it. And at the steal of a price I bought a few --so glad I did.

Then I decided to add the number birds wall cards that I had originally picked up for Thing 2's room, but thought they were gender neutral enough to work for Thing 3's room. From there, I found this tutorial online to make a bird mobile. So I did. And it was the bane of my existence for a few days, till I figured out how to rig it up. Nightmare. If you decide to do this for some odd reason, call me first, so I can give you the behind the scenes tips on how to not drive yourself crazy.

The crib was pretty much the only thing we kept after having our other two. I seriously thought maybe I could give it to one of my brothers to use one day or something. Never imagined I'd be setting it up again first for myself, but oh well. It worked out great. Made the crib skirt. Easiest thing ever. And yeah, that's pretty much the bed corner. Still working on a plan for something above the crib. I've got a few ideas a brewin' and once I get it up and done I'll be sure to post pics.

Changing table. From Thing 2's room. Changing pad, warm wipes thing that holds our cloth wipes, and yeah. The essentials.

Little bookshelf I found at a consignment store that was a ugly shade of yellow. So I spray painted that sucker a nice green. I like it.

Reading/nursing nook. Had this green wall thing in our garage collecting dust. Think it looks good above the table I stole out of the front room. Found a lamp down in our storage room, and the fan at a consignment store. It's about 30 years old and runs great. That awesome quilt was made by my super-talented aunt Holly. And the pillow too. I picked out the fabrics--and she made them. Amazing! I wish I had that kind of talent. I keep telling her she needs to open up an etsy store.

Close-up of my killer retro turqoise fan.

Sock monkey from Tar-jay. Giraffe from a friend.

Nesting dolls I couldn't pass up from Children's Hour. Old barn hand-me-down.

And I just had to show my genius idea of hanging the book shelf off the back of the crib. I didn't want it on the wall cause I didn't want the walls to get too cluttered.
So yeah, there it is. I think it turned out great, and is even better in person. I pretty much designed it for me, since I spend literally hours in there day and night feeding le babe.
So there ya have it. Hope you enjoyed it.
Catch ya in a nother month. Joke. I'll post again soon. But don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So sorry to all the fellas out there, but today's tip is for the ladies. I know a lot of you ladies out there who are moms love the petunia pickle bottom diaper bags, but hate the hefty price tag that comes with the cute/functional bags. So, I found a few ways to get Petunia, just a tad cheaper.

First off, if you really love Petunia, I would say go to their website here, and sign up to be notified when they have sales in their online outlet. They usually carry discontinued stuff and certified seconds which can run anywhere from 30-50% off the retail price.

Secondly, the other day while I was perusing the Costco website, I found out that Costco online actually carries two different PPB boxy backpacks. One of them is the one pictured above. It currently sells in most stores for $169 buckaroos. At Costco you can get it for $114 here.

And thirdly, I found out from my good friend Jenny, that Target now sells a cheaper line from PPB. Don't you just love that about Target? Anyhoo, this is the Target PPB pictured above. I saw it at Target today, and it is super cute. Lots of storage compartments, and the option to wear it as a backpack, which is one of the great draws of PPB. It sells for $49, which is a much cheaper option if you love PPB. Plus, as I was looking it over, it looks to be a pretty good diaper bag, for not too expensive, if you are in the running for a new bag.

Or, you can just get lucky like I did, and find one of last years' models on sale at Nordstroms Rack.

But in all honesty, I used my PPB bag for the first two weeks and didn't really love it. Once you've got it all packed up it's pretty big. And heavy. And with two other kids, and a infant car seat, I just can't handle anything that's bulky and big. Plus it just frankly drove me batty all week. But I did give it a good try, but in the end I went back to my tried and true. Brand new tried and true, but tried and true none the less. But I know some people love them (petunia), so I thought I'd go ahead and post this anyhow. Just in case one of you might be a PPB fan.

Up next week though, I will be sure to post my personal all-time favorite baby diaper bag ever. That I would give 5 stars too, and recommend to anyone. And that's saying something after three kids, and many, many, many diaper bags. So, be sure to stay tuned for that. I'm sure you are all on the edges of your seats. Till next week friends. . . .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey Bloggers.

Good Morning!

Usually as I am perusing my google reader, I just mostly click through. Stop at my tried and true feeds, and catch up with friends via their blogs. But today, there was a post on a non-friend blog that made me stop. And boy am I glad I did. It made me think for a minute. It's titled "How To Live A Better Story." And I had to wonder, how is my story going? Is it what I thought it would be? Thirty years old, Three fabulous kids, nice house in the burbs. Is this the story I should be living? Is this the story i want to be living? The answer of course is absolutely. I mean, I created this life with the partner I love. But I have to ask myself could I do anything to make my story even better? Push myself a little? step out of my comfort zone? Take an uncalculated risk? Learn something new? Accomplish something I once, or even never thought was possible?

And so, I think I will. Shake things up a bit. Or at the very least get a get a good list going of things I'd like to do. Have. And most importantly, Be.

So, if ya get a minute, check out this quick read from Simple Mom, titled, How To Live A Better Story.

Monday, July 5, 2010


So, at first, as your Tuesday's Tip, I was going to tell you not to go shopping a week after giving birth. It's very depressing. Yes. There I was formulating this post in my brain, as I walked amongst the shorts and jeans and tops in the sizes of my former self. It was then that I realized how silly, and rather almost crazy it was to be out clothes shopping this early. And then, while hubs was perusing the suits (the real reason we went shopping), I remembered that even though my waist isn't back, my feet are. And so I meandered into the shoe department. It was right then and there that I fell in love. With these little beauties pictured above.
I think they are adorable, and just what my spirit needed after the depressing jaunt through the clothing department. They are bright red. And have ruffles. And were only $32.95, thankyouverymuch.
Do you think I'm asking too much out of this shoe as to hope that the bright red-ness and ruffle toe might somehow distract the eye down away from the slightly-still-pregnant-looking-belly I've got going on, and straight to the cute shoe?
Yeah, I thought not either. So, my tip: A week or even 10 days after giving birth? Just stay in the shoe department people. Trust me on this.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


Crap-dang-it. Yes, I realize it's Friday. So, sue me. But, better late than never, right?

So, I'm huge. Like really huge. Like I'm pretty sure I'm having another 9 or 10 pounder huge. Yeah. So not fun. But I've been trying really hard to stay positive, at least in the blogging world about said huge-ness. I don't want to complain, cause really, I'm super happy to be pregnant, and feel uber-blessed to be able to do this for a third time.

With that being said, let's just be honest people, the last month of pregnancy sucks. I really feel like it goes one month too long. The last month is just full of swelling, and no sleep (I literally get up about 5-10 times a night to pee or roll over from sore hips), and serious aches and pains. And since I feel like I can't really complain too much on the blog, Hubs gets most of the complaints. I mean, it's sorta his fault right? Ha. Just kidding babe. So, I guess one day all my complaining about my sciatica, and sore hips hit him, and he sent me this e-mail with a link to this lady and her little prenatal massage business. And I would not be joking when I tell you that I called her that very moment. Booked myself a massage right then and there. Huge bonus points go to hubs for taking the initiative for finding me this fabulous gift from heaven.

So, I've been twice now, and all I can say is: I wish I'd known about her sooner. Her name is Rebecca Overson, and she has magical hands people. Magical I tell you. Her company is Salt Lake Prenatal Massage or Belly Bliss Massage. She specializes in prenatal massage, labor massage, and postpartum massage. And she is awesome! And if I can talk hubs into it, I'm so going to be a regular client of hers for well, forever. Cause postpartum is like forever after you have a baby, right?

So, if you know someone who is pregnant, or you yourself are, do yourself, or your loved one a huge favor, and book them or yourself a massage. You will not regret this decision. Best thing I've done. And by the way, how awesome would it be to get this as a gift at your baby shower? Or how great would it be to give the gift of massage as a gift to a new mommy? Priceless, right? I only wish I'd known about her sooner. She also has a labor-inducing massage too, if you know someone wishing they were in labor like now. I would totally sign myself up for this pronto, but my doctor is out of town for the weekend.

So, yeah. That is my tip. Call Rebecca. Book a massage (or gift certificate). And be blissful. Oh, and tell her I sent ya.

Sunday, June 13, 2010



Oh man. I swear I used to have ankles. Sad, right? This was taken last week amidst the actual summer-like temps. I could go on and on and on about how much I am looking forward to having this baby on the outside, but I'll just say that this little guy is welcome to come any time. You hear that typing buddy? ANYTIME.
Here is to only having a week and half left!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, lots of things are annoying in life. Pickle jar tops sealed shut tighter than all get out, my ankles right at this moment (larger than the size of Texas), how sometimes my cell phone doesn't send a voicemail through till the next day, Mariah Carey. You know, the sorts of things that just are irksome. Well, get ready to add another one to the list people.

They are now saying that sunscreen causes cancer! I know right? What will they say next? Seat belts are actually bad for you? Uggg. Well, according to this article almost all (only 39 out of 500 sunscreens tested were considered safe) of the most commonly used sunscreens may be accelerating cancer. And the kicker? The FDA has known this for almost 10 years, and said nothing!

Basically, if you don't want to read it (although I highly suggest you do), it says that any sunscreen with Vitamin A, or one of it's derivatives (most commonly called Oxybenzone), increases the speed at which malignant cells develop. This is all according to the Environmental Working Group which just released their study on Memorial Day. The study also says that most of the sunscreens which tout high SPFs are also a bunch of bull. Mostly because of user error, but EWG still thinks companies should better educate people on how to apply sunscreen correctly, or not be able to brag about such large SPFs.

In the end it says wearing even bad sunscreen is better than not wearing any at all, but I think since there are sunscreens out there with little to no Vitamin A and oxybenzone in them, we as consumers, and educated parents should only be putting low risk sunscreens on ourselves and more importantly our children.

So, to find the list of the best available sunscreens (without cancer-causing Vitamin A), or to see how your sunscreen stacks up to the competition click here. It will ask you for your e-mail, but in the bottom right hand corner of the box you can opt out.

So yeah, that's my tip for today. Go out and get yourself some "safe" sunscreen. Apply it properly and enjoy your summer. At least until they tell us something else in it causes cancer!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Now, I know I haven't really talked about the tragedy that is the BP disaster of an oil spill down in the gulf, but I do have strong feelings about it. Obviously. Cause I have strong feelings about most things. But I sorta don't want to always be the Debbie Downer. You know what I'm talking about, those type of people who only blog about terrible things, or only post negative, woe is me sort of crap of their facebook statuses. (oh how this irks me. ) But really, this whole oil spill thing just really ticks me off. For lots of reasons really -- no one willing to take blame, the fact that these companies have had hundreds of egregious safety violations in the past, yet we still let them drill, the fact that thousands of people are out of work because of it, but mostly cause they can't seem to figure out how to stop the flow. Now I get that we can't just put a bandaid on it, and call it good, but really? Going on 6+ weeks and we can't figure this out?

So, when I came across this little clip, I knew I had to post it. Sure, it's not gonna stop the leak --we'll leave that to the brainiacks over at BP to solve, but at least it will help clean up the ginormous mess left in the gulf and the wetlands, and hopefully keep it from spreading any further.

You can check it out here if you'd like.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So, I decided since LOST was long over, I'd have to get back to some regular old Naptime postings. So, I'm bringing back and oldie but goodie: Tuesday's Tips.
Without further ado. Here goes nothin'.
Our first Tuesday's Tip is one I read on another blog a few months back about making your mornings and days more smooth. And I've been implementing it ever since, and I have to say, it is absolutely making my life easier. And I'm all for easy, and simple, especially if it comes without a pricetag. So, this first tip is called. Swallowing the frog. Or Eating the frog. Or something like that. I can't remember exactly.
Basically it is just doing that thing you are dreading first thing in the morning. Get it out of the way, and off your mind, conscience and to-do list. For example. Maybe you dread paying the bills, or cleaning out your fridge, or doing the laundry. Whatever it is, as soon as you are up and at em, like the wise people at Nike have told us for years, just do it.
For me it's the laundry. I dread it. But even more than dreading it, I hate having it pile up all around me, and overwhelm me. So, now, every morning after I've had breakfast, I go and put in a load, transfer over to the dryer, or fold the clean ones and put them away. Whatever the laundry needs that morning. And I can't even tell you how much it has changed our lives. I've tried laundry schedules before, and just couldn't quite stick with it. But knowing that I just have to do a load every morning, just as part of my day makes it so much easier to stay on top of. Also, and here is the kicker, I've started putting away the folded laundry immediately. This is so easy, yet so hard to do, but makes the biggest difference.
I love this tip. It really has changed my life. I currently have a dark load to do today, but then everything, and I mean everything, other than what we are all currently wearing is clean, folded and put away. And that simple thing makes me so happy, relieves stress, and anxiety.
So, it may not be laundry, or any of the other things I've suggested, but whatever it is for you, once you've gotten up, and are sufficiently awake, just go ahead and swallow that frog. It will make the rest of the day feel so much better. I promise.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, I have to say, one thing SLC is good at is dishing out free entertainment. And this summer is no exception. Here are a few of the things up for free coming your way soon.


june 04 Monsters V. Aliens Canyon Rim Park
june 11 Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs Eastwood Elementary
june 18 Star Trek Evergreen Jr. High
june 19 Venture outdoors Festival Canyon Rim Park
june 25 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Big Cottonwood Park
july 02 Sherlock Holmes Canyon Rim Park
july 09 The Blindside Eastwood Elementary
july 16 The Never Ending Story Evergreen Jr. High
july 30 Where The Red Fern Grows Big Cottonwood Park
Aug 06 The tree Amigos Canyon Rim Park
Aug 13 How to Train Your Dragon Evergreen Jr. High
Aug 20 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Big Cottonwood Park
Aug 27 The Incredibles Canyon Rim Park

*movies start at dusk


june 04 Princess Bride Liberty Park
june 11 Star Trek Lindsey Gardens
june 18 Transformers Jordan Park
june 25 Three Amigos Reservoir Park
july 02 Field of Dreams Constitution Park
july 09 The Blindside Fairmont Park
july 16 Napoleon Dynamite Wasatch Hollow

*Movies start around 9 and there will be free popcorn while it lasts!


*all free, held at Pioneer Park

july 08 Modest Mouse w/Avi Buffalo
july 15 Girl Talk w/Memory Tapes
july 22 Beirut w/Twin Sister
july 29 The New Pornographers w/the Dodos
Aug 05 Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings w/Jamie Lidell
Aug 12 Matisyahu
Aug 19 Big Boi w/ Chromeo
Aug 26 She and Him w/Dum Dum Girls!

And there you have it! Free stuff this summer! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay, so let's just get to it.

Lost Series Finale. Here's the thing. The episode started. I was into it. It keeps going. I was still into it. It keeps on going. Still enjoying myself. Then the last fifteen minutes came, and I was like what in the what? It was like I was given this big bowl of vanilla ice cream. And I really like vanilla ice cream, in fact, I've been eating vanilla ice cream for almost six years every Tuesday. And then right before I'm finished with my last bowl of vanilla ice cream I will ever have, maybe like the last 3 satisfying bites. I'm really looking forward to devouring with an almost sort of a type of reverence because you see, I know I'm NEVER again going to be able to have a new bowl of vanilla ice cream. Just the memories. And then bam, the last three bites turn into sauerkraut. Out of no where. Just bam. Replaced. And you see some people really like sauerkraut. There is a time and a place for sauerkraut. But not now. Not at the end of my perfectly delicious, perfectly sweet bowl of vanilla ice cream.

So yeah, I pretty much wanted to yell at the screen, who took my vanilla and left me here with this sauerkraut?

That's how I felt about last night's episode. I liked most of it, hated the ending. And I wasn't sure about using that word hate, but I just decided that yeah, it sucked. I almost sorta feel like in the words of Sawyer, "It was all a long con." In that I feel like the ending was a cop out. A way to not really have to answer all the questions. A way in which to keep people still interested. Still talking. An ending that will have them all go out and buy the previous seasons on DVD to watch again to see where they might have missed the long con. But I don't think the answers are there. I think the writers said, "Ooops, well. We've got one season left. We better wrap this up quick." So they did. And in an almost, "WE TOLD YOU THE ISLAND WASN'T PURGATORY" nah, nah, na, nah nah way, they make the flash sideways purgatory. A place where the characters could work out their issues, meet up at a church, and cross over to the other side as one big dysfunctional family. What a friggin' cop out. You mean to tell me this whole time, this is how it was supposed to end? That the plane really did crash, and that the purpose was so that they could all meet, and be a part of people's lives, then all cross over together? Uh, no.

That being said, I have to say I have loved watching each and every episode of this series. Even the ones that weren't my favorites kept me mostly entertained. And I guess that's what a TV show is supposed to do right? Entertain. And that it did. And I enjoyed every bit of it. Just not those last fifteen minutes. And here's why.

My main problem with the ending was that clearly this whole series was about the characters. Who are they? Where have they been? Where are they going? Where would they have gone had the plane not crashed? How will they act off the island? How do they interact with the other characters? Pretty much the whole show is all about the characters, some would argue, Jack being the main one. But this is where I differ. In my mind the creators and writers have done a fabulous job of developing the characters, and for the most part they did an okay job of wrapping up the main ones. But they forgot to wrap up, or answer questions, about the most important character of all. The island. We know all the back stories of all the people, but somewhere along the way the island, it's mystery and it's power, took on the leading role in the show. Bigger than any person in fact. It played such a major part in the series, so to not have any background, and information, any closure on where the island came from, and how it came to be was the most frustrating part about the finale for me.

Some people are frustrated about not knowing the little things, like about Aaron, or Walt, or what the heck the temple crap was all about. Not me. I don't really care about all that. I just care about the island. Where did it come from? Who created it? Why did it have special powers? And rules? Who made the rules? How did the first people get there? How did this cave with the light get there? How did smokey get made? How come the island can be moved. All that. That's the stuff I wanted answers to. Not necessarily all the B.S. Christian Shepherd handed us. And yes, I feel had i got the answers to my questions about the island, I could have finished my last three delicious, satisfying bites of vanilla ice cream. Instead, I'm afraid I'm going to be craving vanilla ice cream for the rest of my life, and having a really bad sauerkraut aftertaste left lingering.

So yeah, those are my thoughts. I'd love to hear yours.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


First off, sorry this post took so long to get up. Our laptop died so we are using an old laptop--seven years old to be exact. And it is so incredibly slow, I feel like I'm on a dial-up connection. Remember those? So yeah, sorry it took so long to get it up.

So, I have to be honest and say that I came into Tuesday night's episode with a bit of a chip, okay maybe a very large chip, on my shoulder due to last weeks ridiculous episode. The more I thought about last weeks episode the angrier I seemed to get about it. And really, I didn't want to feel foolish for sacrificing so much time over the last six years devoted to a show that was in the end just a bunch of crap. So, you can understand my relief when I discovered that this weeks episode would mean getting back to out lovely losties. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the episode:

  • Okay lets start off with Jack and the flash sideways. He's got this thing on his neck. And he's having breakfast with his son who reminds him of his concert. Now this concert I am guessing is where almost all of the losties will reconvene for one serious lostie sideways reunion. I think this is the same concert that Faraday will be playing at. So that will make Widmore and Eloise there. Jack will probably bring Claire. Jack's son's mom will be there (who I am guessing is Juliet), Desmond is bringing Kate, Hurley is bringing Sayid, Charlotte will be there, and I'm sure Miles will somehow get Sawyer to come along as well. Not sure what this all means, but I'm sure Desmond will get them all to realize somehow that they are connected, and then the realization will occur. I'm not sure what this will all mean in relation to island life, but I'm sure it will be the reunion of all television reunions and I can't wait!
  • So then we see Jack stitching up Kate --how very full circle of them. Reminds me of when he stitched her up (or was it her that stiched him?) after they first crashed. Don't hate me for sort of wishing that she had died. She is for sure one character that I will not miss once this whole shebang is over.
  • What a night for Ben! Finally we get back to Ben, Richard and Miles. We find out that Ben's got lots of rage still left over from Alex's death with ultimately results in him promising to do all of Flocke's dirty work in killing the candidates as well as offing Widmore. In a way it was sorta nice to see him get back to the evil Ben we all know and love, cause I was really starting to hate the wussy Ben we were getting episode after episode. I am also sorta hoping he is long-coning Smokey and in the end will kill him or something. Redemption would be nice.
  • But before Widmore is killed we find out the reason for Desmond. He is the failsafe. Should be interesting to see how this all works out. I'm thinking maybe he is the only one who can go into the light and survive? Oh, and what about Richard? I thought he couldn't die--i.e. was immortal? Or was I mistaken about that? And if he is dead, I'm kinda pissed cause I really enjoyed him and his eye-liner. So yeah, I'm really hoping smokey just threw him up in a tree somewhere and he's waiting to be rescued.
  • The flash sideways where Desmond beats the crap out of Ben was wierd, and I didn't enjoy the dinner with Alex whatsoever, except it was nice to see Roussou normal. The relationship Alex and Ben have in the sideways world sorta creeps me out a little bit. Am I the only one who thinks that?
  • Moving right along to the most important part of the night. Hurley sees young Jacob. Is this cause he had his ashes? Wierd. Then he runs after him, and suddenly he's adult Jacob? Even wierder. And he sits the Losties down and tells them why he brought them all to the island and chose them as his possible replacements (basically their lives sucked), offers them all the choice in the job opening, and as we've been predicting all season, Jack takes the bait, or rather the cup. Even though I knew Jack would do it, I was really hoping Hurley would. I just still love Hurley's character so much. I also found it interesting that Kate was also a candidate. And how funny was it that Jack had a cup in his backpack? Classic. So, Jack is now the replacement--and like Jacob. And it never fails to surprise me that Jack takes the job without making Jacob even answer a few questions. What is it with these people and not asking questions!!! Jack is now guardian of the mysterious, mythical, and slightly hokey light.
  • So now the question is: Will Jack succeed?
  • And remember at the beginning of this season when we saw the island under water? I am sure somehow this will come into play on Sunday I'm just not sure how. Is this how it all will end? Meaning that since the island is underwater, someone kills smokey, and Jack sacrifices himself on the island and drowns, so no one can live there and they all end up living in the sideways reality?
  • One thing is for sure, I am really looking forward to how Desmond is pulling all the Losties together in the sidways timeline. And I'm excited to see how he's gonna pull this "connection" to the island off. And how is Jack going to save the island? Perhaps in some weird way he will 'fix' Locke on the operating table? Who knows.
  • Best line of the night was for sure when Miles says to Ben: "I lived in those houses thirty years before you did, otherwise known as last week."

Anyhoo, I can't believe I there is only one episode left! It's a good thing I'm so excited, or else I'd be completely sad. Which I probably shouldn't admit, but I have really enjoyed this whole entire series so much. I am also getting excited for the accompanying shindig! I hope you all can make it! And if you didn't get an invite, and would like to come, it's probably cause I don't have your e-mail. Send me an e-mail to my naptime email and I will send you over an invite. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated in my lost "discussions" either on this blog or in real life. It's been a fun ride! Here's to Sunday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Wow. Okay, so I'm not really sure how I feel about this episode. I mean, did I like it? Not sure. Did I hate it? Not sure. I mean I guess in a way in answered some questions for us, but in the classic LOST way of just creating more. So, without further ado, lets get into it.

  • Okay, so the first thing I was bugged about is the fact that with only 3! episodes left here we are introducing more new characters. Uggg. Is anyone else sick of this? Just close it up already. I mean, I don't even really have closure with the characters that we've spent 5 years investing in already. Richard, Miles, Lapidus, Mr. Ecko. etc. We don't need any newbies at this point.
  • Then, first they are speaking some weird language with subtitles and then bam, English. This was just weird. Is this some weird thing that the writers didn't want to make the actors speak weird for a whole episode with subtitles, or what? Just made no sense. So, yeah, we're not off to a great start here people. Two things I hate.
  • The next thing we must discuss is the fact that Jacob & no-name (but I'd like to call him Esau. again, how lame is it that the writers still can not come up with a name for this MIB, smokey guy? I mean really. Brother is all we get?) are twin brothers. I feel like this answered a question, but really wasn't any surprise. Their mother comes to the island via a crashed ship, and shortly thereafter delivers the twins and then is brutally murdered by the crazy lady. Now here comes the third thing I hate. Could there perhaps been a more humane manner in which to kill Jacob & Esau's mother? I mean it was terribly violent and a little brutal -- Even for Lost.
  • So there we are. Crazy lady --who again has no name --just mother.(This so bugs me because in order to engage or relate with a character I really feel like they need a name.) So, she raises the boys as if they were her own. Not sure if she is good or evil. Again with this whole theme. I mean she did murder someone for hecks sake, but apparently she is the guardian of this light--which is the light inside all of us -- or some mumbo jumbo. She also knows a lot about the rules. She somehow made it so the boys can't kill each other. But how? Who gave her the power?
  • One thing that I thought was fabulous was the casting of the young boys in this episode. I think they did a great job of portraying the older Jacob and MIB.
  • Moving back to things I hate, did anyone else just hate Jacob and his whole personality? NOt only as a child, but also as an adult? Just made his character weak. And I feel like with how strong of a character he has been throughout the seasons -- powerful and everything I really needed him to come off stronger than he did. And more likeable. I wanted to come out of this episode team Jacob, but I'm afraid that just didn't happen for me. I feel like he was bullied into his position of keeper of the light, and that he didn't really even stand up to anything. So frustrating.
  • So really quick. This game that pre-smokey finds. Do you really think his 'mother' made it for him? I found it interesting that Esau can lie to her, but Jacob can not. Is this supposed to be some sort of metaphor for good and evil?
  • Then one day Esau sees his real mother ala Hurley. Esau is the only one who can see her since she is dead. What does this mean? Another metaphor for good and evil? Esau's mother tells him what really happened to her, and shows him the other, other others. Sheesh. Are you still with me? I found it interesting that when Esau tells Jacob this, Jacob still wants to live with his fake mother the killer, rather than go with his twin --his actual flesh and blood. Again, terrible character flaw Jacob. Fake mother takes them both to the light where she really crapily explains to them and us what it is, and what it means. It's in all of us, if it gets out we're all doomed etc. She also tells them not to go into it. Apparently if ya do it's worse than death. I'm not at all satisfied with this. In fact it really bugged me. Again with the introducing a new thing with only three episodes to go. And apparently a pretty important thing. The very thing that's the whole reason for the island, and therefore the show. Not sure if this is a copout on the producers part or what. And how does this light correlate to the temple with that crazy water etc. Is the temple on top of the light source maybe?
  • I thought it was interesting that fake mother tells Esau & Jacob that they can never leave the island. (Except we know that Jacob has -- to recruit the Losties) Esau spends years finding a way off. Eventually does with the donkey wheel-- that in past seasons has moved the island. I have to say that I for sure in this episode gained lots of respect for Esau/MIB. He was the thinker. The one who questioned authority. The one who ultimately followed his own conscience.
  • So, fake mother talks or rather pushes Jacob into becoming the keeper of the light via a glass of wine. What does this mean? I thought it was weird and out of place and I didn't like Jacob one bit in this scene. Now Jacob and "mother" are the same? What does this mean?
  • Crazy lady aka fake mother then goes wackadoodle and kills all the other other others. (Remember when smokey tells kate he once had a mother and she was crazy? He wasn't kidding!) Esau gets pissed and kills her. She thanks him--why? Jacob then gets upset and takes Esau to the light tunnel and throws him in --which is ultimately worse than death. So Jacob is now worse than a killer? Which by the way I thought fake mommy told them they couldn't hurt each other? Does throwing each other down the worse-than-death-light-tunnel not count? In which Esau then comes screaming out as Smokey.
  • Then we find out that Adam & Eve are fake crazy momma and Esau. Except Smokey still lives, inhabiting his own and other's bodies I guess. The flashback to season 1 was stupid. How dumb do the producers think we are? Give us die hards a break. I sorta feel like they threw that scene in there to prove some point to us -- that they actually knew where this whole shenanigan of a series was going--even in the beginning. Which I don't completely believe.

I guess all in all, I am sorta pissed that in order to close up the whole series we have to be making things, characters and situations up at this point. And really huge, and important things. As much as I've loved this whole series, I think this whole light tunnel crap is sorta a cop out. A quick answer. I really missed all the Lostie characters we've grown to love. And I hope we can get back to them in the next two episodes.

I do have to say though, something I'm realizing now is that this whole show-- the whole premise for the show anyway is one of myth, legend, and fairytale. This sorta bums me out. I mean, I really thought that I was invested in real people, who survived a real (albeit fictional) plane crash and their stories. Seems however this is not the case.

And after reading this whole post again, I guess I can safely say that I wasn't such a fan of this episode. Too little too late Lost producers. And even though this wasn't my favorite episode -- I'm still enjoying it. Still looking forward to the last few episodes.

Now, I must know --what were your thoughts on this episode? Love it? Hate it? Thoughts?

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Okay, first off I want to say that I did not appreciate Lost taking a week breather. It was annoying how I had to catch myself up for a minute and remember why Jack was with Sayid etc. So, yeah, Lost producers? Bad move taking a week off. Just remember there are only a few episodes left, then you can have forever off. Moving along. . .

  • First off, lets talk flash sideways. Is anyone else confused by this nonsense? Jack seems to be getting closer to figuring out how they all fit together with flight 815, but Locke? His whole attitude was just weird. Makes me wonder if in some weird twist it's actually smokey in there not wanting to have Jack "fix" him. And really quick we must discuss the box Claire & Jack's dad gave Claire. I feel like I should know what this means, but clearly I'm missing something. The only connection I can make is that it's playing the song we've heard Claire sing to Aaron before. The "catch a falling star, put it in your pocket. . ." Anyone have any better insight into this? I feel like it must mean something since they put it in the episode when they have just precious few minutes left of the season, but maybe it was just to get Claire and Jack together again. Also in a weird sick way, I was sort of happy to see Locke's dad in a wheelchair. I know I am mean and terrible, but so was he. And lastly, nice to see Bernard again. Seems like he genuinely knows about the island life. HMMMMM.
  • Let's talk Jack for a moment. What a crazy turnaround his character has had through out the series. He reluctantly takes the leader roll, then, we see him in the flash backs and forward being a drunk and addict, then we see him in the flash sideways as a dad, and now we see him as a serious candidate and committed to the island. It's certainly strange to see one character take on so many different rolls, but I do have to say Matthew Fox is doing a wonderful job making each character believable and making his personality so multi-dimensional. We definitely learned more about the "rules" of the island. Meaning smokey can't kill the candidates, but can kill other people on the island, but the Losties can kill each other. Interesting.
  • So Fake Locke/Smokey decides to off as many candidates as possible. He can't kill them himself, so he must get them to kill each other. By taking an easily planted and very obvious bomb off the plane. How convenient. The most notable were Sun & Jin. I mean how sad was that? Even though I have invested so much time and energy into their relationship I still wanted Jin to swim away for his daughter. *Side note to Hubs. If we are ever in a sinking submarine, and I am stuck, and clearly going to die. Please swim away. Please. For our crazy kids. the end.* And even if you hadn't invested five years of your life into the relationship between Sun and Jin, it would have still made you just a little bit teary to see those hands floating away from each other in the water with the classic LOST music playing in the back ground. Sob. And I guess in a way we found out that Sun was the "candidate" of the two Kwans, cause Jin just basically kills himself, and I thought that was against the rules (remember jack in the black rock with richard?). Although I could be mistaken.
  • Sayid finally decides to wake up in this episode. Finally, finally, finally, only then to sacrifice himself, and die. So sad. I'm wondering what was the key to waking him up? Was it something Desmond did or said to him? And yay, we know that Desmond is still alive. I'm thinking it will be fun to find out how he fits into the whole scheme. Also, did you catch when Sayid says to Jack "It's going to be you, jack." Hmmm. Does this mean Jack is the ultimate "candidate?" And how would he know? Something again, perhaps Desmond said to him?
  • So, we know of the "candidates" left there is Jack, Sawyer (albeit unconscious), and Hurley. Kate of course is wounded but alive, but I'm thinking her time is coming as well. Especially cause she isn't a candidate and so neither Smokey nor Widmore see the point in keeping her around. Finally someone that agrees with me that Kate sucks! But an even bigger question I've got is what happened to Lapidis? Did he die, survive? I realize he's not a "candidate", but still. It'd be nice to know. And while we are on the subject, what about Miles, Richard and Ben?
  • One thing I just thought at the end of the episod was if Smokey knew who was dead and who was alive, meaning he knew Sun, Jin and Sayid were dead, doesn't he probably know about Desmond not being dead?
  • I am excited to see what role Widmore plays in this whole big mess. Whose side is he really on? And I am glad to see a return to Jacob and MIB next week.
  • And finally what is the significance with all the Losties getting together at the hospital? What does this all mean? I seriously have no idea, but I can't wait to find out!!!

So, the big Finale event is going down on May 23rd. That's a Sunday night -- not a Tuesday. ABC always does this for some reason. Moves their big finales to Sunday. Must be a bigger TV night for people or something. But ANYHOO, I want you all to know that I will most definitely be having a LOST finale party at my place for sure!!!! And if you comment on my Lost posts you are most definitely invited!!!! I shall be sending out e-vites for all quite shortly, but in the mean time, be sure to keep that night Sunday May 23rd open!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT!

Friday, May 7, 2010


  1. Thing 1's Mothers day program at school yesterday. For his talent time, he read a poem, and unbeknownst to me decided to do an impromptu drawing right on the spot in front of everyone as his talent. I had no idea this was going to happen. I thought reading the poem we wrote together would be the talent. But no. I was dying. It was hilarious. Just like an episode of Win Loose or Draw. We were all waiting in anticipation of what his drawing was going to be. In the end it ended up being a fabulous portrait of his grandma. Love that darn kid.
  2. Speaking of Thing 1, did I tell you he finally learned how to tie? Yep, a few Sundays ago he decided to get serious about it, and so we sat down and within a half hour he had it mastered. He now has his very own pair of Chucks that are grey with skulls on them. And every time it rains he tells me how great it is that he has these Chucks to keep his ankles dry. Pure awesomeness.
  3. Back to the Mother's Day program -- loved the kid who for his talent sang Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier. And the girl who tap danced on the carpet . And the boy who did ten cartwheels in a row. And the boy who told the vampire who was "here to vash your vindows" joke which took a really long time, and in which I'm convinced made it funnier than any other time I've heard it told. But my favorite was still Thing 1's drawing on demand. Classic. Kindergartners are awesome.
  4. One more thing about Thing 1, after some major luck we were able to get him into the dual immersion Spanish program next year (instead of the french program) which I'm thrilled about. Having him know another language will be awesome, but knowing Spanish will be fantastic. We had a huge cinco de mayo party to celebrate in which we ate nachos, and tacos and I made the most spectacular homemade salsa recipe which can be found here.
  5. Finally decided on a car seat for the babe. After 2 previous purchases & returns I think this will be the one. And most importantly it carries babies up to 32 inches. Which is always a fantastic thing when your babies come out the size of a small pony.
  6. I have good reason to believe that the nursery has a very good chance of getting painted today. I mean, I'm not holding my breath or anything, but I'm fairly certain come Sunday it will be done. This is the color I chose. A nice little warm gray. This is definitely awesome.
  7. Thank you to all of you for taking the time to comment on my nesting post. I love all the good ideas and product recommendations.
  8. It's Friday!!!
  9. The kids have a primary party today. Which means mom gets a little alone time. Hip, hip, hooray!
  10. Thing 2 has her dance recital tomorrow. This should also be awesome.
  11. So many things to be thankful for. Have no idea why I'm in such a positive mood. Must be the fabulous mothers day weekend we've got right around the corner, and the fact that even though it's not super hot, it is most definitely the Spring, and therefore no longer Winter, and therefore no longer sucky.
  12. My cup of vanilla Chi tea (herbal decaf of course) with a shot of skim and truvia that I whipped up myself and enjoyed last night. Heavenly. Only I'm not sure if they will have tea in heaven. But if they do, that's what I'm going to drink.
  13. The new mid-day Real game time for tomorrow. We're taking the kids. Not sure if this is awesome or not. I'll let you know later.
  14. This strange and unexpected, and totally out of the normal splash of optimism I'm having this morning.
  15. This commercial. Thanks for the link hoddogs.
  16. And this one. kinda enjoying the white haired lady. Makes me want to throw a shrimp on the barbie.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday. I've got nothing but love for ya!

Oh, and for those of you waiting for a LOST post, it's coming. Sorry.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, my latest guilty pleasure. 9 by Design. Have you seen it? It's like all the great things I love about HGTV, smashed up together with a little reality TV. It might possibly be my new favorite reality show. It is about these two designers Bob & Courtney Novogratz, who own a design company Sixx Design. It follows them as they build houses, design for clients, and raise their 7 (yes seven!) kids in downtown Manhattan. Sure they have a lot of kids, but don't even for a minute think Bob & Courtney are anything like the Duggars. These people may have a lot of kids, with awesomely different names (Wolfie, Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Five, Holly, and Major), but they also know style when they see it, and you won't see even an inch of waist length hair on this show-- hallelujah!
The other day I was trying to get Hubs to watch it with me. He hates big family reality shows (think jon & kate, duggers, table for 12 etc.), but I was trying to tell him that this one, was nothing like those. If for nothing else he had to watch because of the awesome design, and houses showcased in each episode. But what I should have done, was send him over to Apartment Therapy where they recently did a house tour of Bob & Courtney's latest home. It's right on the Hudson River in NYC, currently on the market for a cool $25 million and is probably one of the most spectacular homes I've ever seen. Might just be my dream home. Think modern meets vintage, meets cartoon. If you are at all interested in design, jump on over to AT here, and take a tour. Trust me you won't be disappointed.
Oh, and if you wanna catch 9 by Design, you can find them on Bravo! Tuesdays at 8.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So, here I am with just about 7 weeks to go, and I am absolutely in my nesting phase. Have been for a few weeks, but it's especially kicking in now. I'm feeling a big push to get the nursery done --just bought the paint yesterday--a nice warm grey, purchase any necessary baby gear, and be organized and ready for Thing 3 to make his arrival in June.

So, I was inspired by Design Mom's five posts about preparing for baby's arrival, and thought I would go ahead and do my own little version here right on Naptime. She divided hers into five different parts. Layette (things you'd need for clothing wise for baby), sleeping (cribs, swaddlers, etc.), bathing/diapering (cloth or otherwise), feeding (bottles, boppies etc.) and mom's needs (nursing, packing for the hospital etc.) I thought I'd just go ahead and lump mine into one post since I know there aren't zillions of you readers out there. Since it's been so long since I had a baby around - and we basically gave away ALL our baby gear, and I know a few of you that have just had babies, or are already seasoned moms, or frankly are just smarter than I am, so therefore, I would LOVE your input. So the question is:


In other words, what are the products that you reach for. For example for me, I hated the boppy, and just made sure I had a good pillow or two under my arms for nursing. I've heard Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets are great. And I'm looking into the Puj bathtub. I also loved with my first two those little onesies with the fold-over hands so the little babes don't scratch up their faces with those new nails. Or, do you have a carseat you LOVE? or maybe a sling or carrier you just think is peachy? Yep, it can be anything and everything. Bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. Anything you might have an opinion on baby-wise, I WANT IT! Even if it is advice. I'll take it! Anyone tried those wipes warmers? Are they worth the money, or just a waste? See, I've got all these questions and need your help.

So, take a minute, leave a comment, and help a sister out. Thanks!!!

Oh, and for you mamas with multiples or any sort of medical background-- I've got a question for you. I swear I feel like this baby is right down in my pelvis. With the first two I felt like they were right in my ribs, but with this one that just isn't the case. I'm not sure if he's dropped early, or if I just have crappy stomach muscles now after three kids, but something is wrong. Here is the deal. This is going to sound weird probably, but it honestly feels like maybe from all the weight of the baby that I might have broken my pelvis. The under, or backside of my pubic bone/pelvis feels like it might have like a hairline fracture or something. Every time I stand up it is just really painful in my pelvis. And tender, and feels like it honestly might be broken or bruised or sprained or something. And if I stand on one leg --like to get my pants on -- it's terrible. Almost unbearable. So, I guess my question is -- is this even possible? Can you fracture your pelvis? I realize obviously they cant do an x-ray, so how would I find out for sure, and if it is, then is there even anything you can do? I mean, I guess you can't get a cast or anything. So yeah, if anyone has any thoughts on the subject that would be awesome. Thanks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, a few weeks ago, I was in a funk. Could absolutely NOT see any light at the end of this pregnancy tunnel. And I had absolutely no qualms about sharing that funk. People would ask me how I was doing, and I would easily say things such as, "Miserable." "Huge!", and "Go away before I punch you in the face." Yes. I was so pleasant to be around. And I am fairly certain that most of this negative sludge was coming from the fact that I was feeling oh-so-pregnant, looking oh-so-pregnant, and sick and tired of people feeling pity for me. There aren't a lot of great things about the third trimester, at least none that I was willing to focus on.
So as you can see, I wasn't exactly happily pregnant. I was in that stage of being so done with being pregnant, yet, you still have a good 2 and half months left. And well, I must have just been radiating my funk, cause my friend Kristin came up with this brilliant idea. She could tell I was just done, so she decided that we would schedule all these fun things to do from now until the baby was to come and just fill up my time with other things to look forward to so that these last few months would just fly by. She decided to call it the 68 days of Amy or something like that. We were going to fill it with massages and pedicures and just fun relaxing kind of stuff. And then a week came and went with nothing being added to my calendar, and my mood getting more and more sour. Not good.
Then, a few days ago I had a complete epiphany. And frankly, it couldn't have come at a greater time. I started thinking about the best way to distract myself and stop focusing on all the things I disliked about this baby not coming sooner. Get out of my own head if you will. So, then, going off my friend Krissy's brilliant idea, about the 68 days of Amy, I decided to revamp it, and so here is what I came up with. Technically I now have 58 days left before my scheduled C-section, and what better way to make the time fly by than to get out and do a little service. Something here and there, everyday to make the time fly by. Instead of focusing on me for the next 2 months, I've decided to focus on other people. Do a little something for someone else, each day. And since I tend to be a bit of a slacker, and could see myself counting pouring my kids bowls of cereal each morning as service, I decided that the service had to be for someone outside of my immediate family. Extend myself a bit. Get out of my comfort zone. And since I'm huge and prego, and can't help people wash their windows or anything, I decided to keep my service small. In the details. Cause really, I've decided that for me, the best parts of life, are in the details. For instance: A really meaningful, heartfelt compliment. A handwritten, thoughtful thank you note. A short, quick e-mail. A short, sweet text. Taking a neighbors kids for a play date. Baking a batch of cookies for a friend. Hosting a get-together with loved ones. Something. Everyday. And so I don't forget, I'm planning them out. Putting them on my calendar. Something to look forward to every day. Get myself out of my own head, and into other people's lives. Cultivate my relationships with the people who mean the most to me, and get back into the details of life.
And then because sometimes I second guess myself, come up with a killer idea (like this one) and then a day or so later, decide the whole idea is lame and never follow through, God sent me a big old sign. A sign that this was absolutely the thing I MUST do, if I am to survive. Out of nowhere I heard a slice of a song, that I've heard and sung myself probably hundreds of time. Perhaps even thousands. But today, when I heard it, it was as if I was hearing it all over again for the first time. Solidified my need to get out of myself and into the next 58 days of life. Into the details.
"Give" Said The Little Stream
give said the little stream.
give oh give. give oh give.
give said the little stream as it hurried down the hill.
i'm small i know but wherever i go
the grass grown greener still.
singing singing all the day.
give away. oh give away.
singing singing all the day.
give oh give away.
So, if you happen to get a strange compliment, text, e-mail or thank you note in the mail from yours truly in the next two months, just know that you're helping. In ways you wouldn't even realize. Helping me get out of and beyond myself. Helping me to cultivate and create a nest of positivity, and thankfulness, and gratefulness, and love for this baby to come home to. And a mentally healthy and happy mommy to hover over that nest. So, even though I'm not small, and well actually a bit large, I can still make the grass grow greener still, and can absolutely give oh give away. And suddenly, almost in a magical sort of way, even if only slightly, I'm beginning to see a sliver of light at the end of that tunnel. Yep, just a sliver, but something is definitely there. Here's to living life in the details!

Thursday, April 22, 2010



  • Okay first off, is anyone else not completely enjoying the way the writers are wrapping up Lost? I mean I love the story of course, but the speed, and the way they are just jumping all over the place, it's hard to stay focused. Even for me. Seemed like a huge set-up episode to me.
  • That being said, let's get on with the goods. One of the big "answers" we got this week was that Christain Shepherd (Jack's papa) has just been Smokey/Flocke all along. Not especially surprising really. Kinda figured, since we know that for some reason Smokey doesn't have his own body. However does open the question as to who was it who came to Jack in LA after the rescue, and to Michael on the freighter? Smokey?
  • So, Jack jumps ship. Also not surprising. Although I'm thinking that made for a really terrible swim being in jeans and shoes and having a backpack on and all. Hey, I'm just saying.
  • And if we may discuss the way all these Losties lives are interesecting in the flash sideways. Kinda creepy that Sun recognized Locke. Was she recognizing Fake Locke though? Finally it seems the two realities are beginning to merge. Not sure what this means exactly, but I'm sure it means somthin'. I'm also not sure if their actions off the island or on, are affecting the other existence. Some people really think one affects the other, but I'm not so sure about this. Or is it just destiny that their lives are meant to intersect? I'm sorta thinking that this flash sideways is how the show will end. At least I hope so. That little David (Jack's son) is too adorable a kid, not to ever have been made.
  • Also speaking of Sun, let's talk about this reuniting scene she had with Jin. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed a little hoaky, and honestly bugged the crap out of me. Mostly because I wasn't really able to enjoy it cause I wastoo busy yelling at the screen really loudly, "Turn off the fence! Turn off the fence! For the love of all that is holy, I hope they turned off the fence and do not get fried to smitherines!" And then I guess it was off. Wierd. And then I was all distracted about how they didn't have the fence turned on, and I couldn't really enjoy or focus on the reunion.
  • One thing I want to discuss for a moment, is this whole idea that Smokey is telling the Losties about leaving the island. I'm pretty sure it's flawed, and he is lying to them. He tells them that before they couldn't leave the isalnd cause Jacob was alive. Except, they did. On the helicopter. Was that only cause they were together? And if this was the reason, obviously Jacob didn't care. Is this cause he knew they would be back? Or, is it because Smokey was really helping them get off the island (like he told Jack)? So is Jack right in wanting them to all stay on the island?
  • Sorta think it's sad that no one cares if Miles gets off the island.
  • Also even though I think Hurley's comment about Anikan and the dark side was funny, I also think there is more there. Can people come over from the dark side? Sayid, Claire? Smokey?
  • Let's talk Desmond for a moment. I'm not sure what his whole purpose on the island is, but whatever it is, I just think that is a really shallow well. And for the question of the night. . . do we think Sayid went through with it? Killing of Des, I mean? My vote is that Sayid did NOT in fact kill Des, and that he let him go. Although I could totally be wrong on this one. But I'm pretty sure Desmond is too awesome to be dead.
  • And finally, Widmore. What is his deal? Does he really want to kill all these Losties who are candidates? I am so confused as to whose side widmore is on. We know he's not on Smokey/Locke's, but is it Jacob's side, or just his own?
  • And one more finally, so I guess Jack is "the last recruit"? He's officially on Smokey's side? Or is he? dun, dun, dun.


Okay, so I was gonna do this snazzy little Happy Earth Day post, but my friend Sabrena, beat me too it. And it was awesome. So, rather than waste time and energy (see- me being green--ha!) I decided just to link you over to her blog. Everything she says I ditto--except maybe the EC stuff. That in my book is just crazy. But you could always substitute ECing for cloth --and here is my opportunity to remind you all of my cloth diapering info night that is coming up real quick like. If you got lazy on me, and still want an invite shoot me an e-mail, or comment to this post, and I will send you an invite. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So yesterday I needed to run out to the distribution center so I loaded up the kiddos and out we went. Mid-stop Thing 1 announces he must visit the restroom. No biggie, only thing once you go out of the distribution center in midvale, you can't go back in from the back doors. You have to walk through Deseret Book. So there we are walking through Deseret Book to get back to the car, and everything seems fine, until we get outside (almost to the car) and I notice Thing two is grabbing her shirt with both hands. Which isn't really normal. So, I ask her what the problem is. She quickly blushes and says nothing. Which I know can't be true. So, I question her further, and ask to see what she's got down her shirt. She of course refuses, and that's when I realize the little klepto has stolen something.

So, against Thing 2's wishes I stick my hand down her shirt and remove the stolen item. I take one look at it, and it's all I can do to stifle my laughter. My daughter the klepto stole a pencil from Deseret book that said, wait for it, wait for it, CHOOSE THE RIGHT.

Classic. Oh the irony.


Loving this new song by Macey Gray. It's perfect for this spring, and typifies everything I am feeling at this moment.

I beg of you to find this song, download it, play it and dance.

Happy Spring Everyone! It's finally here!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I came across a few coupons that I thought some of you might be interested in. I know I am.

Mmmmmm. Jamba. The one thing I for sure have been craving this pregnancy. And of course it's the healthy one. Peanut Butter Mood hold the banana (nothing healthy in there please!). Valid April 12-25th.
Einstein Bagles is offering free bagles every Friday before 11 a.m. Offer good through May 22nd.

This is one I will be taking advantage of for sure. Discovery Gateway (a.k.a the children's museum) is offereing $5 admission for up to 4 people for a limited time. Of course like with all these deals, you must print off the coupon and bring it in.

Also a few more of note: if you are a coffee drinker, bring your reusable tumbler into any starbucks today (April 15th) and they will fill in for free!
Free Grilled Taco at Rubios good today only April 15th.

15% off P.F Changs today only.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Okay, so let's get right down to business. So much to discuss. Shall we?
  • Okey dokey. First off I want to say, that even though I thought this episode was good, I didn't think it was great. Seemed kind of choppy and all over the place, and honestly, a little rushed. But, it was still good. I mean, there was lots of Hurley so that's definitely good in my book.
  • So it's pretty evident here that the time lines flash sideways and island life are beginning to overlap, and merge if you will. Not sure what this all means, other than it's happening.
  • So if we know they are merging and the characters off the island in the flash sideways are remembering their island lives, are the characters on the island also remembering their flash sideways lives? Is that maybe why Hurley all the sudden has so much gusto? And maybe why Desmond is so calm and fearless?
  • Okay, so it really was great to see Libby again. I guess I didn't realize what a love connection those two had. It was interesting that in the flash sideways Libby was the one who was crazy, and Hurley was "normal". I also think it's interesting who can remember "island life", and how. Charlie being drugged out, Desmond in the MRI & when he touched penny, Daniel when he saw Charlotte, Libby (not sure how she remembers) and Hurley when he kisses Libby. I'm sure there is something significant here, just not sure what.
  • So Ilana dies, and honestly, it was a little shocking but truly, I didn't even care. And still don't. Without any back story on her, it was kinda hard to connect, and therefore care. I mean it sucks that she died cause death sucks, but like Ben said, the island was done with her.
  • Michael. Okay, I didn't really appreciate his return. I never really liked his character, and honestly I was a little disappointed in his "answer" well, rather the writers answer, that the whispers were those that are stuck on the island. In the past seasons these whispers have always preceded the others. And we've been repeatedly told in interviews with the producers that the island is NOT purgatory. So I just did not appreciate this "answer". Seems like a quick fix to me. Boo.
  • Sayid is really bugging me. I mean, his character was one of the more enjoyable ones in the last five seasons, and this year, it's just so annoying. I want the old sayid back.
  • Was it just me or did Smocke seem a little confused to see Desmond? Clearly he wasn't appreciating the fact that he couldn't control, manipulate and scare Des. Do you think this is because Desmond remembers the flash sideways and his other life? Love his whole Zen attitude though about asking Smocke "What is the point of being afraid?" Makes you sort of think that he's asking the devil himself what the point of his existence is? So then Smoke just pushes him down the well. Saw that one coming for sure. Too bad Des didn't. I'm glad though that we got a little sneak peak teaser for next week and we can see that Des ends up being okay. Few. And so then what if he stands up and walks over and turns the wheel? Could it just be that easy? I highly doubt it.
  • So lets talk about the one great thing in this episode. The shocking ending. Des runs over, or under, Locke. I've got a couple theories on this. I did notice that his car had two different license plates in this episode, that they showed very prominently. One when he was stalking Libby & Hurley's date (finally!) on the beach, and another when he runs over Locke. Not sure of the significance, but since we know the writers and producers are so detail-oriented I can't imagine this is a mistake. But I'm just not sure what it means. Is it a third alternate reality (I sure as heck hope not!) or is it Des just changing it so no one can track him down and get him locked up?
  • And why we are on the subject, why does Des go bananas and run him over? Is it to get him to remember the "island" somehow like he did in his near-death experience, or is it because the flash sideways Des remembers Locke pushing him down the well and is pissed, and gets him back?
  • So Sun. I'm thinking a Sun/Jin reunion might not come until the season finale.
  • We must discuss the little smirking boy we saw this episode. Is this an older version of the other little boy we saw a few episodes back? Is this Jacob as a boy, growing older, trying to remind Smokey that his time is running out? Whatever he is, I'm over the producers introducing new characters at this point. I can hardly keep the 15 million currently straight.

Well, as you can see, I've got nada as far as insight goes on this episode. It seemed confusing and jumbled and just wasn't my favorite. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Did you hear that the season finale is going to be five hours?! Well, sorta. A two hour recap, which at first I thought I would just skip since I've seen every single episode of the last five seasons, but honestly I'm thinking it would be nice to just have a little refresher and see how the producers tie everything all up. Then of course the two hour finale, and then an hour on Jimmy Kimmel after the finale. This hour I will probably skip, and just catch the best moments the next day on youtube. But yeah. I can't believe this show is finally winding down. What will I blog about? I guess I will have to start blogging about my actual life again.