Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  • So, I thought I'd do a throwback on this old blog of mine just for fun. Sort of interested if anyone actually reads this thing anymore. I might start blogging here now and again for fun. maybe. maybe not. depends on my mood. and the day. and who am I kidding? I probably won't so don't expect it. Was that last sentence for me or you? hmmm. things that make you go hmmmm. Remember that song. yeah. awesome.
  • so far this random is less than stellar.
  • why is it snowing on May 17th? I mean really. it's unnecessary. we already have a bit of a flood issue going on here, and I feel like the weather Gods are ignoring my constant bantering about how great the sun is. cause, lets me honest. it is. all warm and glowy and stuff.
  • so many things to random blog about. but where to actually start, now that I've got the perfunctory weather post out of the way?
  • how about we begin with the fact that school is out in less than 3 weeks. My sister said less than 14 actual school days. Is this making anyone else hyperventilate? And not in a good way? Like in a what-on-earth-am-i-going-to-do-all-day-with-thing1 type of way? Yikes. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but lets be honest here people, sometimes they are annoying.
  • So I started a good-behavior money thing in our house to combat the annoying-ness. Basically I award non-annoying children mom bucks for good behavior. And it has been going great, except I didn't know that both of my children got my husbands saving/cheap/hoard-money gene. They both have about ten thousand mom bucks, and I just want them to cash them in already cause I'm running low on my monopoly money. And it's not like I have lame things to cash them in for people. Good things. like late-ups, happy meals, red box movies, tv shows, extra books at bed, a candy bin and all sorts of other things I hope to bribe good behavior out of them with. Only I didn't really count on them being cheapskates. Maybe if I had commercials for stuff mom-bucks could buy on nick jr. Then they would be all over it. About daily I hear about stuff seen on a commercial that I just can not live without.
  • really bummed zev & justin didn't win amazing race. also sorta bummed Boston Rob finally won survivor. I mean really. you should win after playing it 4 times. Congrats for beating a bunch of stupid rookies. P.S. nothing makes me madder in survivor than idiots who play for 2nd place.
  • sorta not-so-sad to know that Thing 1's baseball is almost over. I think we've won maybe like 2 games. I had no idea that Little League was such a big deal. The 3 and 4 games a week was enough to do me in. Love watching him play, when he's not making sand castles out at 2nd base that is. He is a great little hitter, just not sure this is his sport. I forget how much standing around there is in baseball. Thinking soccer might be a better match.
  • weeded the entire backyard last Saturday. It looks so nice. Wish i could be motivated to put the petunias in the window boxes. Sometimes I think i missed my calling on earth as a Sloth.
  • Is it just me, or does there seem to be a bit of a baby explosion as of late? 5 or 6 new babies in my ward this month, plus 2 of my close friends just had babies, and another two are preggers. Is it bad that every time I hear of another one arriving I just sorta cringe for the parents? Sleepless nights, zombie days, spit up shirts and poopy diapers. Fun, fun fun. Needless to say, I am enjoying Little Mister who will turn 1 in June. So happy those early days are behind us. Could not be more happy about this. Newborn till about 6 months just sorta sucked. But now that he is mobile, able to entertain himself, and express himself we are just happy as can be around here. Oh how I love children that grow up. One day they will be teenagers and I might ask if you will let me move in with you, but until then I will just enjoy them not being infants.
  • so we took the kids on our very first solo vacation (meaning no friends or other family tagged along), not to long ago. And what to say, well, hmmm. it was interesting. And we learned a lot. Mostly what not to do next time. like: don't bring a 9 month old who crawls all over the disgusting hotel floor and then sticks his hands right in his mouth. Also: splurge a little and get some nicer accommodations. Comfort inn did include a free breakfast, however it grossed me out and made me feel like an animal. Other things we learned: 4 or 5 days is plenty long. there will be no relaxing. ask for a room away from the pool. sea world is awesome. San Diego safari park is even more awesome. leave the kids at home. oh wait.
  • hubs and I got called as a Ma and Pa for pioneer trek this summer. We actually are both really excited, which is surprising considering that we will be pushing handcarts, wearing ridiculous clothing, and sleeping in separate tents on the ground. Did I mention we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary over trek? I always dreamed we would go somewhere exotic and amazing for our ten year, but I never imagined it would be church owned property in Idaho surrounded by 15 teenagers none of which will be wearing deodorant. awesome, right? Just know, that I have testimony. So strong that I will forgo an exotic week long vacation in Fiji. Not strong enough though to leave my toothbrush behind. It will be coming on that handcart people.
  • why is there a random cat in my backyard? Thing 2 just yelled. . ."Our pet cat is back!" So many things wrong with that sentence people. Back? Pet? CAT!?
  • One of the things I really, really, really love about our recent remodel is the new carpet. Our old carpet was the kind that didn't really show vacuum lines. I really like vacuum lines.
  • I hope you are watching Modern Family by now. If not, I just have one thing to say, What is wrong with you?!
  • Did anyone else add "Visit New Zeland" to your bucket list after watching the Biggest Loser eps where they went there? wow. Also, Rulon sucks.
  • Been thinking lately. Came across this, and having been muling it over the past few days. So, I ask you. "Bloggers, What is my thing?"
  • I've been trying to make a concerted effort (for a uber-scientific study I invented and am conducting) to get more sleep. For me, with Little Mister waking up each morning around 6, this means being in bed, with the lights off, by 10. Wow this has been an adjustment. Not sure what my findings are just yet, but wow. It's been hard. When did I turn into such a night owl?
  • Can't tell you how much I am enjoying the final season of Friday Night Lights. It is bitter sweet. I look forward and love them each so much, but it's also so sad knowing there will be no more. Am I the only one, when faced with a problem asks, "What Would Tammy Taylor Do?" Or WWTTD? Seriously, so helpful in all aspects of life. But really, no more Tim Riggins?
  • You know how some people think their dryer eats socks? I think my closet eats hangers.
  • Thing 2 is such a joy lately. I really lucked out with this one. Sure she is a little bossy and know-it-all-y (can't imagine who she got that from!), but her personality is just awesome. She loves to be good. Can be kept completely entertained with a coloring book and a few markers, and thoroughly enjoys being a big sister. She is growing up so much and it freaks me out. She is beautiful beyond words-- honestly -- (not just saying this cause I'm her mom. She looks nothing like me. ) and this scares me to death. I want her to know that she is more than her beauty. She is incredibly smart. And witty. And kind. But how to emphasize this in our looks-obsessed culture?
  • have I said lately just exactly how much I love pina colada sobe? Just one sip, and I am magically transported to the beaches of Hawaii. Vacation in that lovely 2 dollar bottle.

and there you have it. Lots of random crap. if you made it here, give your self a gold star and a big round of applause. You are awesome. Thanks for reading.


Kim said...

I left this pulled up for days so I would remember to comment and of course I forgot. And now I can't remember what I was going to say except you make me laugh and I loved your randomness.

Kristin said...

You have lots of things Ame...you just gotta channel one of em andcsee it through

Laura @ Single Mom said...

Very interesting post... from all aspects. I agree with this part: "I love my kids, but lets be honest here people, sometimes they are annoying. "